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Paper Submission Process and Instructions
Please submit the Paper and other documents by June 30, 2015
The following documents should be submitted for “Complete” status on Paper submission:
1. Non-Exclusive Distribution License

2. Author's Biography*

3. Final Abstract for your Paper (1 Page only please)*

4. Paper (camera ready)*. The file format should be "Microsoft Word" or "PDF" using the templates below.

* Will require the Abstract ID/number (same as Paper ID/number)

Templates are available here:
Instructions for Author
Paper sample pages template (PDF version)
Paper sample pages template (MS Word version)
Non Exclusive Distribution License
Presenting authors biography
The Paper submission process is for authors (or groups of authors) who have already submitted an Abstract and have had their Abstract approved.

The submission process begins by logging in as follows:
Because an Abstract must be submitted (and approved) before a Paper can be submitted, the user already has a login and a password to the site. Please use the “Author Login” button located on the PAPERS & PUBLICATIONS page. Users who have forgotten their passwords can select the “Forgot Password?” link on the Login page.
Once you have logged in, you will see the Abstract Submissions dashboard and Paper Submission area.
Now you are ready to Submit a Paper if your Abstract has been approved:
Click on the “Submit/Edit Paper” link to upload files. The link will only display if your Abstract has been approved by the National Representative for inclusion in the conference.
Upload Files
The screen below outlines the page and the various elements that must be completed:
Submit your document in the Paper to Upload section. The only acceptable formats are Microsoft Word or PDF, all other types are not allowed. Once you click the Submit Paper button, your submission has been sent to ISABE and you will receive an email confirmation.
Approval of Submission
The submitted Papers will be reviewed for conformance to the required format by the National Representative of the author's country. The submission process shall be completed by the approval of the National Representative. The Papers rejected by the National Representative can be resubmitted with appropriate revision. The Author’s registration is mandatory for presenting the paper. Any Paper found for which an Author (or designee) is not registered for the conference will be withdrawn.
Paper Submission Status
You can check the status of your submission at any time by viewing the Status column. The status column will tell you if you have submitted everything necessary for your Paper. The word “Complete” will show if there are no further actions remaining for you. If you see the word “Incomplete”, hover your mouse over the word “Incomplete” to determine what other items are remaining.
You can also edit or upload a new document from this page. To complete any outstanding task, select the Edit Paper link ().

Click here to submit your paper: